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Graduate students (PhD and Master students)


I am most interested in sponsoring students who have a strong interest in the study of plant-animal interaction, soil ecology, tritrophic interactions, and diversity gradients from an ecological and an evolutionary point of view and who are interested in the chemical mediation of those interactions.


I am also considering students who are interested in developing novel study systems and methods of research. The two most important attributes that I seek in graduate students are curiosity and initiative: curiosity to ask interesting questions and the initiative to do what it takes to answer them.


Undergraduate students:


If you are a second year or beyond biology major with a strong interest in ecology, and enjoy working in the outdoors please contact Dr. Rasmann (


In your email, include the following: (1) Why you are interested in working in the LEF Lab and (2) what biology courses you have taken, (3) any relevant work and research experience and (4) what you think you'd like to do after graduating from Neuchatel.

Postdoctoral studies:


Postdoctoral vacancies occur at various times in my laboratory. Please, send me an email with your research interests, a CV, and references.




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Sergio Rasmann